Fall is finally here and the entire country is counting down to November 8th and the end of this highly contentious election season.  With less than 35 days until the election, most national polls have Secretary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump overall and in key swing states. Politics is all about persuasion and this election has given us a great case study. Regardless of your political preference or thoughts on Donald Trump, whether you think he is an idiot buffoon or a genius, the fact is he has master the art of persuasion better than anyone in recent memory.

Trump has been very successful in motivating and persuading a good portion of the American public to believe whatever he says, regardless of fact.  As a Mentalist, I find his persuasive language fascinating and terrifying at the same time.  If history has taught us anything, it’s that with the power of persuasion you can literally change the world…or destroy it. Persuasion is the ultimate “super power” that we as humans beings can possess.

For more information, I recommend reading the two articles below from INC. Magazine and ThinkProgress about how Donald Trump has mastered the art of persuasion.