Adrian Saint

“A smooth and confident speaker, Adrian’s greatest talent seems to be his ability to
persuade…audience leaves with a sense of wonder! -The Sacramento Bee

“Keen insight into human nature…can get inside your head.”
-The Orange County Register

“Entertainment that stimulates the mind”

Mentalist Adrian Saint captures the imagination of his audience with his energetic and unique presentation of mental abilities, persuasion and telepathy. Performing all over California and North America for Corporate, College and Private events, Adrian brings a truly unique, astonishing, and interactive entertainment experience to any event he performs at.

Born as a twin, Adrian has always been fascinated by the human mind and how it creates reality and meaning. At an early age, he started to study and read numerous books in the areas of psychology, magic, persuasion, hypnosis, linguistics, intuition, ESP, comedy, and verbal / non-verbal communication, to create the baffling skills he demonstrates on stage.

His performance style is anything but conventional. He works with random people and their minds, and uses no secret assistants to create the mind-blowing demonstrations he presents on stage. During his performance, audience members become involved in amazing and fun mind games. People’s mind are read, predictions made weeks before the show are seen to come true, objects are moved with nothing more than the power of the mind, & much more. In 2004, MTV selected him and his twin from a nationwide search for a documentary about their unique skills as mind readers and their lives as twins. Adrian has performed for top universities and companies such as UC Davis, Washington State University, Loyola Marymount University, MTV, Pasadena Tournament of Roses, US Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Knott’s Berry Farm, 7-Eleven, Pacific Life Insurance, and many more.

Adrian’s goal for every performance he does is to leave his audience feeling totally entertained and mystified. His performances are guaranteed to be fun, clean, and astonishing. His natural charisma, charm and humility makes him the perfect choice for any event that is looking truly a unique and unforgettable entertainment experience.

Some interesting facts about Adrian…

1. He has a twin brother who is five minutes older. They perform together frequently as the Saint Twins with an act called “TSP: Twin Sensory Perception™”

2. He enjoys sports, movies, cars, music, traveling, fine dining, and the whole nine yards as much as the next guy.

3. Is he psychic? No… Although, he does believe himself to be quite mental at times.

4. He predicted the results of Super Bowl XL 1 week before the game while a senior in college at UC Davis.

5. Favorite Bands/Musicians: AC/DC, Michael Jackson, Prince, Van Halen, Tom Petty. He is an old soul when it comes to music.

6. Favorite Movies: The Shawshank Redemption, Goodfellas, Forrest Gump, Jurassic Park, The Godfather and The Godfather Part II… there’s a Fredo in every family. Smile

7. Favorite Sport Teams:  All Detroit and University of Michigan teams. Detroit Red Wings by far are his favorite team thought if he had to pick one. ( Hardcore fan since age 7 ).

8. Favorite Magicians/Mentalist:  Derren Brown is truly amazing, David Copperfield is literally a living legend, David Blaine is whom initially got him hooked.

9. Favorite TV Show(s):  Seinfeld, House of Cards, This Is Us, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

10. Favorite Quotes: “ You should be skeptical of everything in life, but accept the possibility of anything.” – Max Maven

“Here’s to feeling good all the time.“ – Cosmo Kramer

You won’t see any large or unusual props from Adrian. Instead, he works with you and your audience one on one, whether on stage or close up showcasing impossible and thought-provoking demonstrations of the human mind. He will astonish you with mind blowing routines and ideas you never thought possible with everyday objects such as books, a deck of playing cards and pads of paper. He will amaze and entertain you with your own thoughts! 

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